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Chronicles of the Changhua County Health Bureau
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2017-09-19 The Minister of Health and Welfare Chen Shizhong went to the Changhua County Government to listen to the briefing and visit the Beidou Day Care Center Xiuheyuan to learn about the business promotion situation in Changhua County. Minister Chen affirmed that the Changhua County Government has implemented “aging in the ground, active aging” and friendly communities. It is also expected that the county government will continue to promote Changzhao 2.0 to make Chinese people's elderly life healthier and more quality.
2017-08-30 In order to provide the elderly sports and fitness facilities, the Changhua County Health Bureau maidenly went to the Ershui Township Health Center to conduct the "Long Zhao 2.0 County Innovation Service Project 5 - Community Unemployed Gymnasium Press Conference" to promote regular activities or maintain a dynamic life. The type will reduce the chance of falling, and will gradually expand to other township health centers and communities in the future, augment the breadth and depth of health services, so that services are no longer just medical.
2017-08-23 Vice President Chen Jianren visited the Wei Ail Academy in Changhua City today to learn about the operation of the local long-serving service. Vice President Chen affirmed that Wei Minggu’s county governor’s rate is the first in the country, and he constantly proposes long-term innovation services. He hopes to create a glory of “long-term good and good-looking, happy and not old in Changhua” and achieve long-term photos. The goal of using, paying, and paying.
2017-07-29 The opening of the first day care center of the Beidou, Xiuheyuan, allows the elders to go to the Rizhao Center to teach the students to do hand rehabilitation exercises through the activities, to achieve "life and rehabilitation" through activities, to delay the aging and help the family to reduce care. burden.
2017-07-06 In conjunction with the central government policy to promote the "One Town Photographing Center", the first day care center will be set up in Erlin Town, Changhua County, and the community care service resources will be integrated to enhance the use and convenience of long-term care services in the rural areas. Sex, let the elders of Erlin Town receive more comprehensive care.
2017-07-05 In order to take care of the health of Changhua County folks and improve the accessibility of screening services, the Health Bureau has taken the initiative to arrange and cooperate with the lung function screening tour to hold adult lung function screening and school children's asthma screening. The Health Bureau also combines the county 3 The large medical system establishes a comprehensive follow-up health care network to provide comprehensive health care services.
2017-06-07 To care for the health of the citizens of the prefecture and to raise the awareness of students and their families about metabolic syndrome, to promote the fourth grade students in Changhua County, to serve as a small health health teacher, and guide them through the "Love's Breathing Study Sheet" during the summer vacation. Help your dear family to measure your waistline and help determine if your waistline meets the criteria to remind your family of your health.
2017-06-01 The first day care center of Xihu Town held an opening ceremony to transform the former old health center into a place suitable for day care for the elderly, serving the elderly in the local township and providing the "five heart" level of quality services. Let the elders achieve "life is rehabilitated" through activities to delay degeneration and reduce the burden of home care.
2017-05-08 There is a feeling that the caregiver feels a heavy load for the caregiver. In order to enable the caregiver to flexibly use the respite service, from now on, the service will be changed to a unit of 4 hours (half day). Or apply for all-day service, so that the caregiver can flexibly reserve a respite service according to the needs.
2017-05-05 The cosmetics that are advertised as "sunscreen, whitening, and facial mask" have become the main products of Mother's Day promotion. To protect the peace of mind of consumers, Mommy uses the rest assured. This Council and the Changhua County Government Consumer Protection Officer today went to the drug store to strengthen The labeling of cosmetics on the market is to check the face of Mommy. At the same time, it also teaches consumers to buy and use cosmetics, so that the people can "select beautiful and use peace of mind".
2017-05-01 To encourage students to drink more boiled water and avoid the health hazards caused by the choice of sugary drinks, this Council today held a press conference on "Schools promoting drinking water schedules and refusing to drink sugar and drinking from childhood" in Nanxing Elementary School. In the meeting, Wei Minggu, the county magistrate, Yang Ruicheng, the director of Changhua Christian Children's Hospital, and Ke Boru, the president of Nanxing Elementary School, advocated the benefits of drinking boiled water, the daily water intake of students, and how to supplement the health after exercise. The school’s drinking water management strategy was shared by President Ke. Expect to establish good health habits for school children.
2017-04-28 With the advent of the enterovirus peak period, the Health Bureau today handled a press conference on "Intestinal virus prevention and control, 3 hands-on, frequent disinfection, and notification". The county magistrate Wei Minggu personally demonstrated the method of disinfection of enteroviruses. Toys, tables and chairs that young children often come into contact with are disinfected. It is hoped that activities will remind the public about cognition of enterovirus prevention and turn cognition into behavior to prevent enterovirus.
2017-04-14 This Council and 13 mental health rehabilitation institutions and hospitals in the county held the "10th Angel Cup and Promote Mental Health Network Campaign" in the National Changhua Life Aesthetics Museum today, with the slogan "Love in Changhua, Angel Flying" Invite the people and the friends of rehabilitation to exercise together. It is hoped that through the diversified activities, friends of mental rehabilitation will be encouraged to engage in more beneficial activities and change the people's awareness of mental illness, and implement the "decontamination" campaign.
2017-04-13 In conjunction with the Central Longzhao 2.0 A-B-C policy, today, Changhua City Changyang Community Development Association held the Changhua County 2.0 street lane citrus shop in Changhua City. The county magistrate Wei Minggu attended and interacted with the elders. The Changhua County Government has actively promoted the Longzhao 2.0 service in conjunction with various medical professional groups. The front-end link promotes health promotion, and the back-end includes tranquil care. It provides diversified, accessible and convenient long-serving services according to the needs of elders to promote the health and well-being of the elderly.
2017-04-06 In order to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer, this Council has specially prepared a supplementary budget for the procurement of human papillomavirus vaccine, and provided full free vaccination for first-year female students in Changhua County. Today, the county magistrate Wei Minggu attended the "Prevention of Cervical Cancer, a Free Play for Women and Women"--A national journalist's free vaccination against human papillomavirus vaccine, promoting the free vaccination policy for the national girls, which is expected to benefit more than 5,100 female students.
2017-03-24 The county magistrate Wei Minggu cares about the health of the county people and provides the convenience of the public and the nearby screening service for the in-depth community. It is the first national lung function screening tour vehicle. Today, at the Shengang Township Office, a press conference was held at the "National First Changhua County Community Pulmonary Function Screening Tour". The county magistrate Wei Minggu attended the official opening of the tour bus, and will follow the tour in 54 villages in the townships of Shengang Township, Xixiang Township and Hemei Township to provide lung function testing services for the health of the public.
2017-03-21 This Council combines the community care screening activities of Changzhao 2.0 to evaluate the community elders. The Chinese Medicine Association of Trade and Industry, Mr. Yingjie, presented health and wellness tea to Xi'an Community and Niupu Community on March 21 and 22. And the Xiangyang community, allowing the elderly to drink healthy tea when they are active in the community.
2017-02-18 The county magistrate Wei Minggu encourages the residents of Shengang Township, Xianxi Township and Hemei Town to participate in the anti-cancer screening. In particular, please ask the county staff to plan the feedback mechanism and handle the "anti-cancer screening gift certificate" from the Hemei Town Office. Family health depends on the prevention of press conferences, in order to encourage the villagers who meet the health check conditions to do preventive screening.
2017-01-25 The county magistrate Wei Minggu missed the hospital for the hospital, accompanied by the morning health director Ye Yanbo and the physician association Wu Xide, and went to the hospital of Changhua Christian Children's Hospital and Xiuchuan Medical Association, Xiuchuan Memorial Hospital. Children and parents, send red packets, small gifts, cheer for them and bless the early recovery.
2016-12-16 Changhua County Changzhao 2.0 Trial Service Unveiling Ceremony was held at Wei Ai Lun Academy, Wei Ming Lun Academy, and the county magistrate Wei Minggu and VIP came to the scene to sing along with the elders to witness the long photo厝 .. Happiness is not old in Changhua."
2016-12-06 This Council held a press conference on the publication of the "Longevity Calendar" at Renrui Home (Changhua City) in Changhua County. The county magistrate visited the 103-year-old Rui Zhou Ye Shui, and gave it to the prefecture's precious calendar to share the longevity secrets. To provide the people of the county to learn the living habits of people.
2016-12-01 The Department and the Changhua County Government Consumer Protection Officer went to the Pharmacy Bureau to strengthen the label inspection of the series of products such as moisturizing and mask on the market, to guide the public, and also to teach you how to properly purchase and use cosmetics so that the public can "select beautifully." ‧Use peace of mind."
2016-11-08 Changhua County Chief Wei Minggu personally met with Huang Shuxian, a dentist of Xingao Dental Clinic in Changhua County, and praised Dr. Huang for his "26th Medical Dedication Award" and presented a medal. Thanks to Dr. Huang Shuxian for his kindness and dedication, let the body and mind The oral health of the disabled is well protected.
2016-11-07 The Changhua County Government and the Health Bureau held the "Air Pollution Prevention and Control Division on the Teacher Zhou" to help us in the Zhongshan National Primary School in Changhua City. The journalist of the schoolchild air pollution education manual was represented by the deputy head of the county, Zhou Zhizhong. Wei Minggu attended the conference and introduced this manual for children. He hoped that the air pollution prevention campaign and self-protection knowledge would take root and be included in the campus environment and life education.
2016-11-03 In order to thank the health care talents and the team and the Guardian Association for their hard work and love, the Board of Directors attended the commendation meeting in the staff performance hall, and the county magistrate personally presented the awards, so that the volunteers felt the health bureau. Pamper them and leave good memories.
2016-10-07 To protect the health of Changhua County students, the Changhua County Government proposed to draft a revised amendment to the food safety management autonomy regulations of Changhua County, and to prohibit the entry of sugar-containing drinks into the campus into the regulation of self-government regulations. This morning, Zhou Zhizhong, deputy head of Changhua County, The draft amendment to the Food Safety Management Autonomous Regulations of the County, the sugar-free drinks are forbidden to enter the campus. The press conference stated that it is expected that the efforts of the three parties will be used to ensure the health of the students through the efforts of the schools, the parents are not given, and the food industry is not sent out.
2016-10-01 The Health Bureau handles the 105th "Health Alliance Guardian Spindle Tour and Thousand People's Flu Vaccination Campaign" in Hemei Town and the US High School. This year, the game on health education will be used to create a relaxed atmosphere. Correct health concept. In addition, in conjunction with the national influenza vaccine on October 1st, the flu vaccination service was also arranged on the spot. Wei County head took the lead in vaccination and appealed to eligible people to be vaccinated together.
2016-09-05 Wei Minggu County Chieftain met with Zhang Hanming's dentist, and thanked Dr. Zhang Hanming for participating in the Global Dental Implant Case Competition to win the first place and the spirit of the disease. It is not only the light of Taiwan but also the light of Changhua. Huang Renxiu, chairman of the Changhua County Dentist Association, also attended the ceremony to share the glory of the dentistry community in Changhua County.
2016-08-20 This Bureau, together with the Liver Protection Service Team of the Hepatology Prevention and Control Academic Foundation, was in the Changhua Zhutang Cihang Palace Activity Center. The Wei Minggu County Governor, Professor Xu Jinchuan and the VIPs jointly called for Zhutang, Dacheng and Shantou Township to participate together. Free hepatitis and liver cancer test, there is also a famous artist Zheng Zhongyin's experience sharing and promoting the common sense of liver protection.
2016-08-10 In the morning, the Health Bureau held a press conference on the opening of the food service base at the coffee gallery on the sixth floor of the Changhua County Government. The director of Changhua County, Wei Minggu, personally presented a certificate of appreciation to the township mayor who was in the maintenance of food safety. Let the food safety information of Changhua County be more transparent and complete, consumers can clearly understand the food information, and buy it with peace of mind and peace of mind.
2016-07-29 The Changhua County Health Bureau held a press conference in the former coffee gallery on the sixth floor of the Changhua County Government Office of the Changhua County Government. The press conference was held by Changming County Governor Wei Minggu at the meeting. Drinking beverage types, sugar content and types of additives, and leading the participating principals, faculty, parents and schoolchildren to swear that "the school does not provide, students do not drink at school, parents and faculty do not give high-sugar drinks." .
2016-07-18 This Council, the Xiuchuan Medical Association, the Xiuchuan Memorial Hospital, the Ministry of Economic Affairs Communications Industry Development Promotion Group and the Financial Industry Corporation's Information Industry Policy Conference held in the morning before the Press Office on the 6th floor of the prefectural government. "Taiwan's incomparable brilliant: medical elite, global leader "Smart Medical Glasses" presentation, and the actual operation shows that smart medical glasses provide physicians with more precise and effective surgery, and hope to bring this innovation to the benefit of more patients.
2016-05-31 The Changhua County Government and the Changhua County Health Bureau, in conjunction with the County Pharmacists Association and the Pharmacy Health Association, handled the "38 Good Pharmacy Flashing Nicotine" Community Pharmacy Smoking Cessation Service Press Conference at the Shanghao Pharmacy Tai Po Store, hoping to The trained professional pharmacist (student) team provides more convenient and diverse smoking cessation services for the public.
2016-05-13 The county's Xizhou Township Health Center is surrounded by fierce competition and strong enemies. It has won the first line of service awards for the 8th "Government Service Quality Award" with "Guardian Healthy Scarecrow" and was officially employed on May 13th. The Development Center accepts the award from the Executive Director Zhang Shanzheng.
2016-05-10 The county’s “104-year award-winning local government fortified food safety management program pilot project” was awarded the first in the national county and city group. On May 10, the deputy magistrate Zhou Zhizhong led the team to the Executive Yuan for the award. This Council's "Building a new hometown of candied fruit to prevent illegal addition of logistics into the food chain" was awarded the Outstanding Project by the Source and Production and Distribution Business Group (second place)
2016-04-19 The press conference was held in Changhua County and Dongguoxiao to hold the "Sports Screening Service for School Children in Shengang Township, Xianxi Township and Hemei Town Area". The director of the pediatric ward of the Xiuchuan Memorial Hospital, Yang Shuwen, introduced the asthma disease, Changhua Christianity. Director Cai Yijin of Children's Hospital Allergy and Immunology Department introduced the detection of exhaled nitric oxide (FENO), and Wei County and the children of Dongguo small school demonstrated the use of exhaled nitric oxide to provide asthma screening for 3 township children. Warm up first.
2016-04-13 In the private exploration and rehearsal kindergarten, he handled the "washing hands and not afraid of enterovirus to invade the press conference", and invited all the teachers and students of Weixian County Minggu and the exploration and rehabilitation kindergarten to jointly promote the basic skills of hand washing, in addition to doing it. "Steps to wash your hands properly: wet, smash, rush, hold, rub", and at the same time grasp the "hand washing 5 timing: before eating, before playing with a baby, after blowing your nose, after going to the toilet, and before and after the doctor" Wash hands frequently, guard yourself and protect the health of others.
2016-04-07 The Changhua County Government and the Changhua County Health Bureau, in conjunction with the National Health Administration’s smoke prevention policy of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, expanded the “2016 Quit Smoking and Win” campaign. Today, in the Atrium Hall of the Changhua County Health Bureau, “2016 quit smoking to win the quit smoking addiction” The "Healthy" press conference hopes to combine the multiple smoking cessation services to encourage the people to actively quit smoking and win the purse to earn health!
2016-03-25 The press conference was held at the Changhua County Government to hold a policy briefing on the “Pulmonary Function Patrol Screening Service for People in Shengang Township, Xianxi Township and Hemei Town Area”. The meeting explained the lung function patrol screening service mode and air pollution risk assessment mode for adults and schoolchildren, and the director of the Changhua Christian Medical Foundation Changhua Christian Hospital, Dean Lin Qingxiong introduced the simple lung function machine test, and was supervised by Wei County and Zhou. The deputy magistrate and the director of the Changhua County Medical Association, Wu Xide, demonstrated the use of simple lung function machines to protect the health and life safety of the citizens.
2016-02-05 In view of the violent attacks on medical staff in Changhua in recent years, Zhou’s deputy county magistrate Zhizhong prepared 500 books on “Emergency Room Violence”. The Changhua County Medical Association was founded by the Medical Association, the Clinic Association, and the Nurses’ Nurses Association. The representative of the board of directors accepted the gift and announced the determination of Changhua County to stop the emergency violence and gave you a safe medical environment.
2016-02-04 When the family is busy preparing for the New Year, there are still many children suffering from diseases in the hospital to spend the New Year in the hospital. Changhua County Mayor Wei Minggu missed the hospital for sick children, in the county magistrate Zhou Zhizhong, Changhua County physician Accompanied by the director of the Association, Wu Xi De, and the Director of Health, Ye Yanbo, they went to the Changhua Christian Medical Foundation, Changhua Christian Children's Hospital and the Xiuchuan Medical Association, Xiuchuan Memorial Hospital, to visit sick children and parents and send red envelopes and small gifts for them. Come on, cheer and condolences to your family and wish you a happy recovery.
2016-01-07 In order to implement the health and nutrition quality of the school's nutrition lunch, the Health Bureau and the Education Department specially compiled the "Chenhua County School Lunch and Children's Dim Sum Recipe" at the former coffee gallery on the 6th floor of the Changhua County Government. Vibrant Man - Changhua County's first children's and children's snack recipes, a press conference, hopes that children in Changhua County can enjoy balanced nutrition and a delicious lunch.
2015-12-25 In order to maintain the safety of the county's edible aquatic products, the Changhua County Health Bureau launched the “Commercial Inspection and Sampling Action Plan for Commercially Available Aquatic Products” in the Carrefour Fresh Department of Changhua City in the morning. Changming County Mayor Wei Minggu said that the project will target importers and aquatic products. Domestic and imported fish, shellfish, shrimp and other aquatic products in different channels such as wholesalers, hypermarkets, fresh supermarkets, large restaurants, traditional markets, etc., are simultaneously inspected and tested to maintain the safety of Chinese people.
2015-12-17 In order to provide convenient oral care services for the physically and mentally handicapped, this Council has set up the Taiwan Provincial Private Civic Disability Correctional Institution in the Taichung Diocese of the Catholic Church of the Catholic Church to conduct the "From the Dental Health - Dentist Physical Disability Institution and the Tour Medical Service" In the meeting, Vice Minister Zhou introduced the dentists’ medical and roving service and invited 13 physical and mental disorders institutions in Changhua County to participate in dental clinics providing oral care to show the dental health of people with disabilities. Determined to make the health of the residents of the disabled institutions start from the "tooth".
2015-11-20 In the morning, this Council held the "1 Yuan Jogging, Campus Dreaming Challenge!" in Nanxing Elementary School, Changhua City. The press conference was hosted by Changming County Governor Wei Minggu. In order to encourage the school children to actively participate in the sports, the school campus promotes “1 yuan jogging, campus moving!” The dream plan is 200 meters (one lap for the playground), and the county medical institutions and organizations sponsor the school. Money Learning Fund helps students build a learning environment in their dreams.
2015-10-23 The Health Bureau handles Changhua County’s “Lightweight and Good Model ‧ Township Municipal First Class Bar” in the Atrium Hall on the 1st floor of Changhua County Government. The township mayor’s health promotion experience camp results show, after a three-month health promotion experience camp, the county magistrate Wei Minggu Personally help Changhua Mayor Qiu Jianfu, Xihu Town Mayor Yang Fujian, and the head of the township head Liu Jinchang and Xizhou township head Huang Shenglu measure the waist circumference. Every township mayor has improved his waist circumference. The county magistrate also does not forget that every township mayor continues to maintain a good life. Get used to making good achievements.
2015-10-14 On the morning of the same day, in the performance hall of the Linlin Auditorium, the 104th "Health Alliance - Health Education Spindle Tour, Good Achievements, and Members' Recognition Activities" was held. The bureau arranged a series of performances, including Wei Xiaojun, Secretary Ye and the directors of the health bureaus, Xiao Bing performances, health and vitality exercises, health education, the main program of the health education, the health platform, the PK and the health education. Through the annual commendation conference, volunteers deeply felt the importance and gratitude of the Health Bureau for health care volunteers.
2015-10-01 In order to improve the health of the citizens of the prefecture, the Changhua County Health Bureau and the Changhua Christian Hospital held a press conference on influenza vaccination at the Changhua Christian Hospital at 11:00 am. The deputy head of Changhua County, Zhou Zhizhong, called on the doctors of each department. The flu vaccine was vaccinated, and doctors called for flu shots to avoid getting flu and ensuring good health.
2015-09-10 This Council handled the press conference of "Don't let the rabbits become gray rabbits - low carbon environmental protection over the Mid-Autumn Festival, smoke-free diet is good and healthy" in the atrium of the prefecture, and let the people perform through the performance of "Don't let the rabbits become gray rabbits" fun action drama. Understand the harm of charcoal barbecue to the human body and the environment. The county magistrate Wei Minggu announced that the barbecue will cause air pollution and health hazards. The Mid-Autumn Festival should respond to the reunion without barbecue, and love the earth healthily.
2015-09-03 In order to effectively prevent dengue fever, the Changhua County Health Bureau and the Changhua County Environmental Protection Bureau held a "prevention of dengue fever in the south-northwestern district of Changhua City" on the morning of September 3, and the county government mobilized - after the heavy rain, strengthen the water storage container The implementation of the four steps of patrol, inversion, clearing and brushing was held by Changming County Mayor Wei Minggu. The meeting explained the current situation of the dengue epidemic and demonstrated the four steps of "patrol, inversion, clearing and brushing" for the public to prevent dengue fever. Start up.
2015-06-08 This Council handled the "Happiness for Medical Treatment - Weak Ethnic Groups Exempted from Outpatient Registration Fees Launched Press Conference" in the Atrium of the County Office. The county magistrate Wei Minggu invited the county medical institution to join the ranks of "Happy Medical Treatment - Vulnerable Groups Exempted from Outpatient Registration Fees". Vulnerable groups with mental and physical disabilities and low-income, low- and middle-income households are exempt from the outpatient registration fee when they seek medical treatment. A total of 487 medical institutions have joined the ranks of love in the township and city health clinics, western medicine clinics, Chinese medicine clinics, dentists clinics and county hospitals. The registration fees for the reductions are absorbed by the hospitals.
2015-06-03 On the morning of June 3, the Inter-Bureau Office "Changhua County Epidemic Prevention and Control Epidemic Epidemic Command Center 37th Meeting" was held. The county deputy magistrate presided over the study of the county's Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Infection (MERS-CoV) ) Quarantine measures to strengthen prevention and control as a horizontal link with the agency
2015-06-01 Take a long-distance health care service in the Taoyuanli Community Elderly Club