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Our vision

I. Structure

Chenhua County Food Safety Management Organization and Manpower

Organization diagram description:

  • Yen-Po Yeh, Director of Changhua Health Bureau
  • Food Hygiene Division: Section Chief Lin Yufen and all colleagues
  • Health Inspection Division: Section Chief Huang Meifang and all colleagues
  • Collaboration team: laboratory, planning, disease control, administrative department
  • Logistics support: Changhua County Health Bureau, all colleagues in the office
  • Special thanks to all prosecutors of the Changhua District Inspection Department against the people's livelihood crime team

II. Values, philosophy and work attitude

  • Find out the right strategy and be bold in organizing change
  • Keep doing what you need to do
  • Exception management, to remove illegality as a starting point
  • Break the impression that the public is "making less mistakes, not doing good" for civil servants
  • Every prosecution is an opportunity
  • Complete mission and maintain public welfare

III. Strategy adjustment and innovation in food safety and health management

1. Strategy of Food Industry Structure Affecting Food Safety and Health Management (hereinafter referred to as Food Safety Management)

After major food safety incidents, including the 2008 melamine milk powder incident and the 2011 plasticizer contaminated food incident, this Council has found that the food industry and production and marketing systems have become increasingly complex in recent years. Food distribution from transnational to local, its complex production and marketing network has led to obstacles in food safety and health management such as high auditing difficulty and difficult management. Food from the source to the consumer side, after multi-layer processing and production, it is easy to expand and expand due to a limited number of ingredients, raw materials or semi-finished products, forming a food safety incident with a hundred thousand times impact. In the practice of auditing, subject to administrative auditing authority and statutory coercive force, the health authorities must also seek the assistance of the local prosecutor's office when necessary, and check with the prosecution before they can seize the first time. Inbound and outbound information, quickly grasp the flow.

2. organization and strategy adjustment of food safety management

The food safety authority should have keen observation and judgment on illegal food and its source and flow. For the handling of major food safety incidents, it is necessary to give full play to the profession, to find out the key evidence of illegal foods, to clarify the incoming and outgoing materials in a timely manner, and to quickly grasp the source and flow. In normal times, it is necessary to establish a smooth communication channel with the local inspection department, and cooperate with each other. In the event of a major food safety incident, it is necessary to have the ability to quickly collect literature and analyze the lawfulness in order to quickly stop the illegality and eliminate illegal food.

To strengthen food safety management, the Department continued to improve its food safety management strategies, including:

1. The adjustment of the food operation mode of the food safety organization, from the two-tier bureaucratic organization to the high-performance team
In order to break the restrictions on townships and towns and improve auditing mobility, a five-partition joint inspection team was established in 1994. In 1999, the Health Inspection Division was established, and the auditors returned to the bureau for unified scheduling to strengthen the flexibility and mobility of manpower scheduling, and to improve the quality and effectiveness of inspections through specialization. In the professional division of labor of the organization, a separate mode of investigation and management is adopted. In addition, the inspection and dispatch management information system was gradually established, and the inspection team was configured to be highly maneuverable and dispatched quickly. The major cases reached the scene within one hour as the performance target. In order to improve the quality of the audit professional, the form is also integrated to optimize the content, quality and form of the audit. The food and equipment management and equipment of Changhua County have also been supported by the county magistrate, which has been enriched year by year. The annual budget has increased from 7.7 million in 100 years to 25 million in 103 years, a three-fold increase.
2. Adjustment of food safety inspection strategy
includes strengthening source management and cultivating the ability of inspectors to check upstream and cross-tracking from downstream. In addition, we also started from the channel vendors (distributors) to simultaneously manage the source and important channels. Taking the inspection of the food suppliers of the school's nutritious lunch as an example, in addition to setting the target of 100% of the sampling quality of the eight categories of ingredients, the source of the supply of food for the food suppliers and the time of purchase of the ingredients were adopted. The mode of management, dawning and attacking, with no time, no warning, five times in the morning, five divisions, simultaneous inspection and inspection.
3. Over-emphasis project, take the initiative to attack, crack down on illegality
4. Establish a cooperation platform with Changhua District Inspection Office and cooperate with each other
5. Organizational transformation at the time of major food safety incidents
Currently establish a mechanism for inter-departmental collaboration in an emergency, and cultivate a tacit understanding of communication and cooperation. In the event of a major food safety incident, the organizational transformation model at the time of crisis management was quickly adopted, the division of departments was broken, the division of labor was coordinated across departments, and the mobility of the team was activated to expand and maintain the quantity of inspections.

IV. Elected in the Heart of the Outstanding Contribution Award: Review of the Datong Oil Product Case

In October of October, Changhua County Health Bureau and Changhua District Inspection Bureau cracked the first major oil product falsification incident in China. Many food manufacturers were affected, and other well-known manufacturers were also found to have mixed oil violations. The Datong mixed oil case has been investigated, traced, and cracked, and the illegal recycling and destruction of illegal oil products. The whole case has gone through 2 years, including more than 9 months of follow-up investigation. The collection of evidence and the current central regulations are not applicable. In the dilemma, more than two months of research and wiring with the Changhua District Inspection Department, after the cracking, also experienced a 10-month violation of oil destruction procedures. Although this hardship was hard, it was also practical. We gained a lot of valuable practical experience from it. We also learned a lot of investigation skills from the Changhua District Inspection Office and laid the next battle, that is, October 103, again. In cooperation with the Changhua District Inspection Department, it broke the foundation of the case of Dingxin Company importing feed oil in the name of edible oil. The milestones of important events in the Datong mixed oil case are as follows:


time Important milestones
101.10 Received a report. TFDA fatty acid ratio test, on-site inspection.
101.12 The test results are inconsistent with the CNS; there is no current law to determine. Datong products were removed from the shelves.
102.01 The central part of the letter asks for legality. The central reply needs to be determined according to the product process.
102.06 The second test, the second letter of the center asks for legality, and proposes to practice the law.
102.07 There was a major breakthrough in the audit. Obtained abnormal data for incoming and outgoing shipments. Investigate the criminal law investigation with the local inspection department.
102.09 Officially conducted by the local inspection agency.
102.09 The third test, the third letter center.
102.10.16 Detecting the big lawsuit. Cottonseed oil and copper chlorophyll formula were seized.
102.11.02 Publishing Fuxi and Dingxin involved in the case.
102.11.14 Search for imported oil from Victoria.
102.10.25 General conviction.
102.11.19 The general plan for the destruction of the plan.
103.01.03 The destruction of Datong oil began.
103.07.24 Datong second trial.
103.09.02 Complete the destruction. A total of 183 illegal oil products, 2,652 metric tons.


The Datong mixed oil case also set the following characteristics in the inspection and investigation of major food safety incidents:

1. persevere, and break through the regulations to solve the case

  • Difficult
  1. The oil fatty acid test is abnormal and cannot be illegal under current regulations.
  2. Incoming materials flow into and out of the materials, there are no mandatory retention regulations, and no crude oil import information is available for comparison.
  3. The falsification behavior occurs before the factory production process, and it cannot be judged according to the product process, and the bottleneck is found.
  • Workaround
  1. Investigate the characteristics of oils and fats, and judge the doubts.
  2. Perseverance, intensive inspection strategy, looking for evidence in subtleties. Tightening the import, inventory and sales of olive oil from the beginning of March to May, from the import declarations, inventory and sales documents, compared with the gap of nearly 20,000 tons of olive oil into and out of shipments, has become an important key to the investigation and intervention.
  3. After making good use of the law, the prosecution will handle the case. On June 19, 102, after the law was amended, the fake and counterfeit can be investigated by the criminal law, and it can be quickly contacted and searched and solved.

2. the highest penalty in the history of food safety, the first case of illegal gains

On October 16, 102, together with Changhua District Inspection Department Lin Hanqiang, Ye Jiancheng, Zheng Zhiwen, Dai Lianhong, Chen Longxiang, Li Xiuling, six prosecutors went to Datong to search for crimes; on the third day (October 18), they opened The work order was completely inspected to thoroughly inspect the illegal oil products in the factory; on the 5th day (October 21), in violation of the Food Hygiene Management Law, one penalty was imposed, and the maximum penalty of 28.6 million yuan since the legislation of the Food Safety Law was issued, including: Unidentified (Article 28, 34) 8.6 million,

Violation of the addition of copper chlorophyll (Article 18, 34) 3.4 million, falsification (Article 15, 8), 16 million, evasion investigation (Article 35, 4) 600,000. On October 31, in accordance with the Pharmacy Administration's letter, the illegal gains of 1.85 billion were issued. Although the second instance was decided by the second instance, the penalty of 1.85 billion yuan was revoked according to the principle of no penalty, and there was still a great vigilance against the food industry. The role, follow-up, according to other violations of the Food Hygiene Management Law, 15.58 million layoffs.

3. the line has broken the case of cheap cottonseed oil mixed oil in Fuwei Township

In the case of Datong Company's use of cottonseed oil mixed with oil and fake counterfeiting, the Food and Drug Administration expanded the inspection of the flow of imported cottonseed oil, provided import lists, compared inbound and outbound documents, took stock of factory inventory, and found that the unusually rich township company was cheap. Cottonseed oil mixed with oil. Quickly informed the inspection and joint investigation, and found that the cottonseed oil components of 24 products such as "Great Victory Sesame Oil" were not clearly marked, the oil was added with peanut flavor without 1 mark, the black sesame oil mixed with jute oil and pseudo-counterfeit 3 ​​pieces, and 7 products were sealed on site. 10,550 bottles, 1,143 metric tons of recycling.

4. Uncovering the truth of imported grape seed oil containing copper chlorophyll

The investigation was expanded by the Datong mixed oil case. It was found that the imported grape seed oil from Taishan was found to be copper chlorophyll. However, after repeated inspections of the factory, the production process was confirmed, and the original imported, sub-packaged oil products and records of Taishan Company were compared through the process, and it was proved that the above-mentioned oil products had been added with copper chlorophyll in the country of origin. The case was reported to the prosecution office. The company sealed 215 metric tons of products and urgently notified the Food and Drug Administration to strengthen the management of imported oil products.

5. Commercially available copper chlorophyll oil may be fully tested

Disrupted the use of copper chlorophyll as a tool for oil-toning counterfeit olive oil and other oil products, and immediately took the lead in the country, based on the source of the product, comprehensively tested the commercially available oils that may be added with copper chlorophyll, and comprehensively inspected the jurisdiction. In the domestic oil product manufacturing industry, a total of 200 products were tested and 45 items were violated. The company violated the regulations and other products.

6. the largest 7-month destruction of oil in history, 2,652 metric tons

To completely destroy illegal oil products, take the divisional inventory and partition destruction methods for the recovery of a large number of oil products, record all the destruction processes, and cooperate with the inter-departmental departments of the Health Bureau to integrate manpower and dispatch personnel to supervise oil products daily. destroy. Last 7 months, on September 2, 103        Completed destruction, a total of 183 illegal oil products, 2,652 metric tons.

7. Make good use of media features and show positive reports

Through the help of the Information Office, timely release information, proactively publish inspection information and provide people with the right to know. From October 16, 1998 to January 3, 103, a total of 21 press conferences were held.


V. Goals and expectations for future work

The incident of food safety in the Datong oil evokes the public's attention to this public issue, and also brings great vigilance to the food industry. At the same time, it also urges the central and local governments to actively carry out changes in the food safety management system. It is the positive significance brought by the Datong mixed oil case. The crisis is a turning point. This Council shoulders the mission of maintaining food safety. After the Datong case, it has continued to actively carry out various progressive actions, including:

1. Continue to establish a collaborative platform with the local inspection agency, and cooperate with each other to combat illegal foods

The Department received a notice from the Ministry of Health and Welfare on October 9, 103 and provided information on the import of Vietnamese feed oil in the name of edible oil by Tingshin Oil Company. The first time was to contact the Changhua District Inspection Office through a cooperation platform. After four intensive operations in one week, he went to Changhua Dingxin Oil Company, Pingtung Dingxin Factory and Taipei Headquarters to investigate and finally seized the company's illegal evidence and sued the company's responsible person on October 30.

2. Breaking the department's establishment, organizational transformation is in place quickly

When a major food safety incident occurred, the people felt strongly and had sudden emergencies. The competent authorities must deal with multiple problems at the same time, consider law enforcement procedures, and invest a large amount of manpower in the short term to respond positively. Therefore, the normal food safety management inspection organization should be able to quickly convert into an emergency response system for the food safety incident, in order to carry out inspection and punishment, recycling, tracking, inventory destruction, administrative ruling, cross-county coordination, press release and public consultation. And other matters. After the Datong case, this Council continued to build strong support for organizational culture, practices, emotions and resources needed for organizational transformation. At the time of the black heart oil incident in September, 103, it played its role again.

3. Establish monitoring and early warning mechanism for oil pipelines provider

In the course of responding to the Datong mixed oil incident, this bureau has gradually established the management window of the oil product traders and the monitoring and early warning mechanism of the oil product distributors, including 20 oil distributors, regional and small supermarkets. There are 9 38 large-scale supermarket chains and a total of 67. Since September, 103, China’s black-hearted oil incidents such as the strong crown and justice have emerged. This early warning mechanism will be effective in time, and when it receives notification of suspected illegal oil products, it can quickly return to the shelves and immediately grasp the flow.

4. The establishment of the county food safety regulations, food management effectiveness

After the Datong case, the county immediately carried out the formulation of the food safety management autonomy regulations of Changhua County. This autonomous regulation has created a forward-looking and progressive food safety management, emphasizing the source of raw materials and flow management and data preservation, and adding management to emerging industries (large-scale retail, large-scale catering, and circulation). The Regulations also emphasize that the large-scale access industry should assume joint responsibility for products and the management mechanism for the flow of goods from the circulation industry and the retail industry. This autonomous regulation was promulgated and implemented in the Order No. 1030200009 of the Ministry of the People's Republic of China on June 23, 103.

5. Strengthening school food safety and promoting school nutrition lunch gold health plan

  1. School food safety is a priority in all food safety management. After the Datong case, the Department promoted the school's nutrition lunch gold health plan and actively strengthened the school food safety management with six major action plans. Including:
  2. Create a school lunch food tracking and tracing system, the source of ingredients flows to a grasp
  3. Implement double-control of food technicians and guards for a healthier and safer lunch
  4. Build a campus food safety notification network to prevent illegal food from entering the campus
  5. Establish a school lunch inspection team, and the layers will not leak.
  6. The menu is transparent and parents are more assured
  7. Teaching the County Lunchbox Association to establish a self-discipline convention to improve self-regulation

VI. Expectancy: Waiting for the food industry to upgrade the industry and re-lighting MIT's signboard

Under the first year after the occurrence of the Datong mixed oil case, a major food safety incident involving the recovery of oil and feed oil into edible lard has occurred, affecting the wide range of damages for up to 2 months, except for large oil plants. In addition to the spare, the food manufacturing and catering industries downstream have also suffered a lot. The outbreak of major food safety incidents has shown that the laws and regulations of food safety management and the management philosophy of the food industry are facing a turning point. In addition to re-examining the issues of management capacity management, crisis management and public communication at all levels of government, we should also actively face the challenges of cross-industry, cross-domain, cross-county, and transnational governance of food safety. With the re-engineering of the food safety management system, the government, enterprises and the public can work together to create a win-win situation, so that Taiwan's food industry can create a core advantage in the global competition.