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Organization and Duties

Changhua County Public Health Bureau – Organization Chart

Changhua County Health Bureau – Description of Organization Chart

Under the Director, there are Deputy Directors and Secretaries, as well as Medical Administration Division, Pharmacology and Substance Abuse Prevention Division, Food Hygiene Division, Health Promotion Division, Disease Control Division, Laboratory Division, Planning Information Division, Long-Term Care Division, Public Health Inspection Division, Administration Division, Personnel Office, Accounting Office, Government Ethics Office and another 27 Public Health Centers.

Units and Duties

List of Organizational Duties
Division Duties
Medical Administration Division medical institution and personnel management, medical quality control, emergency medical service, mental health, psychiatric care,  prevention of domestic violence and sexual invasion prevention, national health insurance promotion and other relevant matters.
Pharmacology and Substance Abuse Prevention Division Pharmacy, pharmaceutical company, medicine, pharmacist and cosmetics management, substance abuse prevention, controlled drugs management, drug hazard prevention center and other relevant matters.
Food Hygiene Division Food safety and hygiene management, health food management, food labelling and advertising management, nutritionist practice management, business hygiene management and other relevant matters.
Health Promotion Division Women and infant eugenics and healthcare, children and adolescent healthcare, cancer prevention, integrated preventive healthcare, occupational healthcare, oral hygiene care, optical care, tobacco hazards control, community health establishment, volunteering service and other health promotion matters.
Disease Control Division Epidemic control, vaccination and other relevant matters
Laboratory Division Food inspection (including sampling and volunteering inspection), pool water testing, sexually transmitted disease serum testing, and other public health inspection
Planning Information Division Health planning, research and evaluation, citizen service, management of health center business, bureau meeting and procedures, information, legal process, middle-aged and elderly diseases (diabetes co-care, healthcare for high blood pressure high blood sugar high cholesterol, menopausal healthcare, kidney disease healthcare etc.) and other relevant matters.
Public Health Inspection Division Public health inspection, ban and statement handling, inspection of tobacco hazards control, and relevant health administrative matters.
Long-Term Care Division Long-term care strategy, regulation and project implementation, long-term care service development, long-term care personnel training, long-term care service units and personnel management and supervision, disability case care management and other relevant matters.
Administration Division Instruments, files, seal/imprimatur, general affairs, cashiers, foreign worker’s health management and the matters not related to other divisions.
Personnel Office Personnel management and personnel services.
Accounting Office Final accounts, accounting, statistics
Government Ethics Office Relevant government ethics matters: promotion and establishment of government ethics laws and regulations, prevention and handling of malpractice.