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SGS QauliCert

We are the first government organization in Asia to obtain the “QualiCert International Service Quality Certification for Public Medical Administration”.

In November, 2005, we have obtained the QualiCert Service Quality Certification from the well-known Swiss SGS Company.

In November, 2008, we have renewed this QualiCert Service Quality Certification once again.

In 2004, we started to conduct a “smile training” and then became the first domestic administrative authority to implement the entire “BIM Behavior Image Service Etiquette” training course. Hence, in 2005, we were the first public administrative authority who promoted the training and counsel for QualiCert International Service Etiquette Certification among others to establish a mechanism for continuous improvement of service quality.

In October of 2005, we conducted “Mystery Shopper Raid – Service Etiquette Investigation and Evaluation” to Changhua County Health Bureau and public health centers of 26 township and county-administered city within our jurisdiction. Mr. Ye, Director of Public Health Bureau, said that although the colleagues were so diligent, the service can still be better and finer. In order to find out hidden deficiencies, the “Mystery Shopper Scores – Service Etiquette Investigation” was implemented. This mystery shopper investigation is conducted in accordance with five major aspects of service management of service organization established by international certification organization. This service investigation referred to the practice of National Service Industry Assess conducted by Global Views Monthly in 2004 and 2005.

50 Mystery Shoppers were selected by the Health Bureau in cooperation with private enterprise and were trained for service auditing. This investigation involved with whether convenient equipment has set up for the public and the coping attitude, front desk service, telephone response, communication and other service of the personnel. During office hours, Mystery Shoppers investigated without prior notice, acting as a consumer to obtain a fair and objective analysis.